Born 1968, Pasadena, California; lives in Los Angeles, California

Mark Grotjahn's paintings and drawings are informed by strategies that grow out of his interest in Pop art, appropriation, and especially Conceptual art from the early 1970s. In a body of work from the mid-1990s, Grotjahn meticulously copied handmade signs he found in neighborhood restaurants and bodegas throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles, and then would offer his copy to the owner in exchange for the original. In a gesture that upended expectations about authorship and collaboration, Grotjahn exhibited the actual sign while his copy was displayed at its point of origin. more about this artist in the Biennial Catalogue

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Untitled (White Butterfly), 2005. Oil on linen. 75 x 49 in. (190.5 x 124.5 cm). Walker Art Center, Minneapolis