Born 1940, United States; lives in Berlin, Germany

Jimmie Durham's often-satirical art has changed gradually since he moved, in 1994, to Europe— or "Eurasia," as he calls the continent. He has departed from the explicitly ethnically coded vocabulary of his earlier sculpture, which often incorporated animal skulls and ethnographic references, though his work remains as politically caustic as ever. Throughout his career as a poet, theorist, editor, performer, sculptor, filmmaker, and American Indian Movement activist (he initiated the International Treaty Council in 1974), he has continually sought to address the exploitation of and disjunction with his Cherokee ancestry. As he has described: "There is a way my life is beautifully frustrating. I was raised a political activist and carver and a good fisherman and blacksmith. I label myself an artist for convenience."


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Still from La Poursuite du bonheur/The Pursuit of Happiness, 2003. 35mm film, color, sound; 13 min.