Founded 1986; based in New York, New York

Deep Dish Television Network (DDTV) is the original alternative satellite network in America. Spawned from the nonprofit video collective Paper Tiger Television (established in 1981), DDTV's staff has been committed, for twenty years, to analyzing the mass media and advocating for grassroots social activism. Drawing inspiration from the legacy of underground video collectives in New York City during the 1970s, Paper Tiger and DDTV envisioned a cheap and fast way of bringing articulate critique into the public sphere by broadcasting nationwide on public-access cable networks. Today, DDTV collaborates with media production organizations dedicated to "resistance to the rampant tendencies toward repression, exploitation, isolation, alienation, and corporatization," including the Independent Media Center, Free Speech TV, and Pacifica Radio.

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Still from The Real Face of Occupation, from Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation series, 2003–5. Video, color, sound; 28 min. This image of an elderly hooded detainee in a house raid by U.S. troops in S¯amarr¯a was broadcast by DDTV before the Abu Ghraib revelations.