Born 1940, Concord, New Hampshire; lives and works in Buffalo, New York

A pioneering musician and filmmaker, Tony Conrad's work has expanded the very definition of his disciplines' boundaries for more than forty years. Whether working in music, film, video, performance, painting, or sculpture, he roots his practice in a fundamentally political stance: as he states, "The job of an artist is to discover laws to violate that haven't been made yet." From 1962 to 1965, Conrad played with John Cale, Angus MacLise, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela as the Theatre of Eternal Music. The group broke new ground in creating what they termed "Dream Music"— Minimalist compositions based on drones and individual tones that dispensed with written scores and the musical scale used in Western music since the eighteenth century.

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Untitled performance, New York, 2005. 16mm film, canning jars, vinegar, vegetables, and pickling spices