Cheatle: Born 1959, Niagara Falls, New York; lives in Brooklyn, New York
Wright: Born 1969, New York, New York; lives in New York, New York

In their profoundly humanist documentary film This Land Is Your Land (2004), Lori Cheatle and Daisy Wright explore the pervasive influence corporations are exerting on life in America. In archival footage and recorded testimonies (the filmmakers traveled across the country interviewing people for more than three years), they trace the impact of corporate power on individual lives, the social fabric, and the very principles of democracy. In the first part of the film, Cheatle and Wright document the ubiquitous presence of corporate logos as well as our susceptibility to branding and the extent to which such forces are internalized: one interviewee declares that she is going to be herself, "not this walking, talking billboard," all the while wearing an Old Navy T-shirt and a Nike baseball cap.


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Still from This Land Is Your Land, 2004. Video, color, sound; 87 min.