Born 1970, Norwich, Connecticut; lives in New York, New York

In his drawings, photographs, sculptural installations, and videos, Carter collages and overlaps clipped images of body parts and facial features— noses, eyes, ears, hands, clumps of hair— to create what he calls "anonymous portraits." Although these images derive from photographs taken of the artist himself, they are combined in a way that obscures the identity of the figure. Carter is interested in challenging notions of self-portraiture by making work that acts as a stand-in for an idea of someone. The subsequent second-generation rendering of a person who is already disguised compels us to question our own identity and the many devices we might use to conceal or transform it.

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prosopopoeia / stasis / landscape, 2005. Blue acrylic ink, hand-marbleized paper, graphite and paper on paper, 37 x 31 in. (94 x 78.7 cm). Collection of Saatchi Gallery, London; courtesy HOTEL gallery, London