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YI Writers Meet Clifford Owens
Oct 8, 2013

Artist in Residence Clifford Owens meets with YI Writers at the Whitney Studio, October 2013. Photograph by Correna Cohen

On Tuesday, October 8, the artist Clifford Owens joined the Youth Insights Writers for a group discussion at the Whitney. Owens is the artist in residence whom we will be working with for the semester. Each YI participant gave a brief introduction, then as a group, we discussed our answers to the question Owens had asked us to respond to before we met for the first time: “When did you first realize your head was connected to your body?”

  • teacher addressing students from middle of room

    Owens speaks to YI Writers, October 2013. Photograph by Correna Cohen

  • teacher listening to student's answer

    YI Writers discussing their writing assignments with Owens, October 2013. Photograph by Correna Cohen

  • students laying on the floor reflecting on class

    Descriptive adjectives pinned A group picture caps off the session! October 2013. Photograph by Correna Cohen

We talked about the question and how differently each person interpreted it. It was interesting to listen to what the other teens were thinking. For example, Athena had a theory about how our heads might not actually be connected to our bodies after all—since we can’t see our necks without a mirror, maybe they’re just a figment of our imagination. That was a great way to begin the conversation. I enjoyed hearing about Owens's life as an artist and how he relates to others. The environment was very relaxed and comfortable. I was very curious about what he had to say, and after meeting him I was excited to do more YI sessions with him. I’m intrigued about what we will work on next. His openness and comfort is what I’d like to learn from him and be able to use in my work.

By Evelyn, Youth Insights Writer



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