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YI Artists meet Diego Leclery
Mar 19, 2015

Leclery and YI Artists discuss the 2014 Biennial, March 2014. Photograph by Thomas Murphy

This spring, YI Artists met and worked with the Biennial artist Diego Leclery. Over the course of two weeks he talked with us about his artwork, our artwork, and the Biennial exhibition. His work in the Biennial is called Me Playing Civilization, and it is exactly what it sounds like—Leclery sits at a computer in the Sculpture Court and plays the computer game Civilization all day long. Needless to say, Leclery is a very interesting individual with an open mind about art. 

Leclery and YI Artists looking at Karl Haendel’s work, March 2014. Photograph by Thomas Murphy

We visited the exhibition with Leclery and discussed the artworks. He made us explain what we thought we saw and what we believed different works meant. He asked us to criticize the work and then he explained what it was really supposed to be in his opinion, while giving us some background information. I really enjoyed spending time with Leclery and learning from him. He had so much to say to us and he always had an answer to our questions. Leclery is a great artist with a wonderful personality. Working with him was an awesome opportunity.  

By Andrea, Youth Insights Artist



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