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Spring Rolls and Sustainability with Britta Riley!
Nov 3, 2009

The YI teens introduce Britta Riley, an ecologically conscious artist, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

Our first event of the fall semester with hybrid artist Britta Riley, who combines environmental issues with art, was super green! Some of you might have met Ms. Riley on Family Day, an annual event here at the Whitney, early this October where she showcased her work alongside the flower and nature themed work of Georgia O’Keeffe. Each kid that participated in the Family Day events got to take home a simplified version of Britta’s window farms, complete with instructions, nutrients, pump, clay pellets, and of course, the baby plant itself.

One of Britta’s hanging Windowfarms that the YI teens made, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

For “Spring Rolls and Sustainability,” Britta brought all her tools to the Whitney and showed us step by step how to make our own Windowfarms. You can find the instructions on her website. She also talked about how the project is always growing and changing because of people who participate and share the different ways that they make their windowfarms work. Ultimately, what Britta wants is to have all of us take part in the project. It’s true, we should help our environment by doing whatever we can!

Britta explains to the teens how her Windowfarms work, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

Savory spring rolls and drinks served at the event, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

Britta explains the Windowfarm initiative encouraging sustainability efforts, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

Lastly, there were the spring rolls and dumplings! What can I say? It was scrumptious!

So go check out Britta’s website and start your own windowfarm today!

By Luyu



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