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Youth Insights

With Juan Antonio Olivares

On Thursdays, YI Artists created drawings and delved into a debate about the meaning of art with exhibiting multimedia artist Juan Antonio Olivares. Drawings from this class were on view at the YI Final Celebration in May 2018. Olivares’s work was on view in the exhibition Juan Antonio Olivares: Moléculas, his first solo presentation in a United States museum.


Brianna is originally from Mexico. She lives in Washington Heights. Brianna defines art as self-expression. Through art, she escapes from the world. In the future, she hopes to get into Stanford University and study Humanities. 


Edwin is from Jamaica. For him, art has a political component; it is a widespread communication and fun. In the future, he aspires to be a botanist and make a positive impact on the world. He wants to help Jamaica financially and with LGBTQ issues.


Facundo is from Argentina. He defines art as self-expression. In the future, Facundo hopes to have a decent job, a family, and a lot of fun.


Guthrie is from Manhattan. He believes that art is expression of one’s perspective. In the future, Guthrie aspires to become an engineer. He wants to be a mega New Yorker.


Isa is from Williamsburg, Brooklyn – the ever changing borough! To Isa, art is a type of communication. She believes that art is a good way to analyze and communicate the intricacies of a detailed world. In the future, she wants to become a professor of visual, critical, and cinema studies.


Isabella is from New York City. For her, art is a way to express herself and to explore her creativity. In the future, Isabella aspires to be a writer.


James is originally from Ghana. He uses art to express himself and his ideas. In the future, James wants to change the world.


Jany is from New York. She believes that art is something to become serious with. Through this program, Jany wants to improve her social skills. In the future, she wants to learn new things. 


John is from China. To him, art is a way to bring imagination into reality. In the future, he wants to have a job in a game company.


Katy lives in Brooklyn. She is from Puerto Rico and Scotland. For Katy, art means being able to have the freedom to express oneself in a manner that’s not inherently black and white. In the future, she hopes to accomplish a lot of things, whatever makes her happiest. 


Laura is from Colombia. For her, art is special for everyone. In the future, Laura wants to become a chancellor, help her country, and travel around the world.


Michelle comes from China and she lives in Brooklyn. For her, art is a means of self-expression and giving a voice to people who don’t have one. In the future she would like to pursue art and to do something that makes her happy.


Misata lives in the Bronx.  For her, art is youth, passion, and intercontinental communication. In the future, Misata aims to be financially stable and a cartoonist. She wants to work for Nickelodeon or Pixar.


Rohan is from Brooklyn. To him, art is an expression of ideas. He believes that art brings people together. In the future, Rohan wants to work on photography, professional lacrosse, or marketing.


Scarlett is from New York. She believes that art is something you grow up with and she wants to learn more about it. In the future, she hopes to learn Korean.


Spencer believes that everything is art, and realism is the only real art. In the future, Spencer hopes to work with snakes and make anti-venom. 


For Talia, art is a way to express her feelings about the world around her. Art is her method of reaching out to people and trying to make the world a better place. In the future, Talia hopes to work in animation, reach out to kids and teens, and storyboard her own show.



A 30-second online art project:
Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Sky/World Death/World

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