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Youth Insights

With Sibyl Kempson

On Thursdays, YI Artists explored meditative and mindful practices and unpacked the term “ritual” with Sibyl Kempson. The artist taught students how to create knitted leaves that were included in the December 21, 2017 iteration of 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens, a three-year iterative performance project that happens at the Whitney on every solstice and equinox from 2015–2018. Kempson also discussed how she draws inspiration from a number of different sources, like television shows and movies, and then incorporates that imagery into her performances. Based on this practice, YI Artists created collages that were made into slides and projected in Kempson’s December 21 performance.


Aneka is from Bangladesh. She believes that art tells a story. This story can be told through its joyful expression or color choices. She enjoys viewing and learning about art. In the future, she wants to work for the FBI.


Angela is from Astoria, Queens and is of Greek, Argentinian, and Hungarian heritage. To her, art means communication, personal ideas, and feelings. Art increases her potential to be much more communicative and outgoing. Angela wants to travel and work creatively without limits.


Chelsea is from the Bronx. She believes that art is an experience in which people can express their feelings along with telling a story through their work. She hopes to succeed and be happy going to work every day.


Clara is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and recently moved to the United States. Art has always been a way for her to connect with other people and her feelings. Her goals in life are to find something that sparks her interest, grow as an individual, and fight for a good cause.


Diana is a Mexican-Cuban who believes that art is a way to express oneself and show a variety of perspectives. She lives by the statement: “finish school and find my calling.”


Farhana is from Bangladesh. She believes that art is a way for her to express her feelings and emotions. Farhana desires to become a math teacher, gaining her inspiration from her father’s chosen career path.


Irving is from Mexico. He believes that art expresses beauty and creativity in a variety of ways, such as sculpture, painting, and even sound. Irving can see himself becoming a doctor, artist, and musician. He desires an accomplished life full of peace, love, and passion.


Jacky is from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He believes that art is a way for people to express themselves. He hopes to grow as a person and find true happiness in his future.


Jaylene is from Brooklyn. She believes that the meaning of art is derived from storytelling and expressing emotive qualities. She dreams of opening her own photography studio.


John is from Guang Dong China. He believes that art is a language used by individuals to express who they are. It is a journey in which one can use the elements and principles to create something beautiful through imagination and vision that can become a form of reality. He hopes to fulfill all of his desires in life.


Laura moved to America one year ago from Colombia. To her, art means the ability to perfectly express and everything that surrounds people. She hopes to graduate from college and help people around the world with her artistic skills. Laura wants to be a counselor and specifically help women.


Lilly is from Glen Rock, New Jersey. She is of Italian and Greek descent and has always had a passion for art. She has been painting since she was very young. Her goal is to be a doctor. She has an interest in becoming either a surgeon or neurosurgeon. Lilly wants to save lives and understand how people’s bodies function.


Mara is of Indian, Pakistani and Bengali descent. She thinks that art is very broad. She believes that writing is a form of art and that painting can demonstrate something that words cannot. Her goal in life is to be proud of what she accomplishes.


Maxine is from Brooklyn, New York. To her, art means productivity and purpose. Art has been a hobby of Maxine’s from a very young age. It gives her peace during tough times. She hopes to pursue art as a career and creates work art that is unique and makes people think and connect with her work. A life without art for Maxine would be very different for her she would constantly search for a way to release her creative energy.


Minu is from Brooklyn. She sees art as a way to express her opinion. Her main goal in life is to finish college.


Miyani is from Brooklyn, New York. To her, art means an opportunity to express herself. She desires a career where she would enjoy going to work every day, without financial struggles.


Onaje is from Bushwick, Brooklyn. He views art as his identity and does not know where he would be without it. He hopes that he can get his artwork in a gallery before he graduates. Onaje’s favorite artistic medium to work with is watercolor and he is currently learning oil painting techniques.


Seth is from Elmhurst Queens. He is of Peruvian, Sicilian, and Puerto Rican descent. Seth believes art is a way to showcase a specific perspective that would reveal an individual’s point of view. Art to him is not always intentional and not always a form of escapism. He dreams of traveling and living in different countries where he can learn new languages and cultures. He would love to share his love of fashion, photography, and film as he travels to a variety of spaces.


Zach is from Brooklyn, New York. He thinks that art exists in the world of the individual that creates it. It’s a way for people do anything they desire without limits. He hopes he can leave his comfort zone and experience new challenges.



A 30-second online art project:
Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Sky/World Death/World

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