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Youth Insights

Spring 2017
With Raúl de Nieves

On Wednesdays, YI Artists explored the themes of collaboration, artist community, and personal histories with 2017 Whitney Biennial artist Raúl de Nieves. During their final celebration, YI Artists presented a multimedia installation and performance that synthesized the various talents and stories each person brought to the group.


Aiden is from the Bronx. He loves it, has lived there his whole life, and never forgets his origins as a Greek and Puerto Rican New Yorker. In the past, art has been a great source of solace for Aiden and now he draws every day in the hopes of improving his skills. In the future he wants to be comfortable and confident. He doesn’t want his work to control him or define who he is; rather, he works hard to keep his work under control. Aiden aims to give off a relaxed and welcoming aura and never allow his work to erase his deeper sense of self.


Alan is a sophomore at Queens High School for the Sciences and art means the world to him. His interests include music, visual art (specifically photography), as well as a deep appreciation for acting, although he has no desire to act himself. In the future, he wants to be less clumsy, learn French, and become a musician.


Andrea is from Brooklyn, New York. To her, art is a way to relieve stress and make self-discoveries. In the future she wants to be successful and financially stable.


Ashley is from Queens and has an Indo-Guyanese background. She is a junior at Queens High School for the Sciences and considers art to be a form of expression and an emotional outlet. In the future, she hopes to be a museum educator.


Daniela is from Inwood and her family is from the Dominican Republic. To Daniela the core of art is creative expression. In the future she aims to be successful and happy.


Fayina is originally from Guyana. She considers art to be an expression of feelings or thoughts on anything and everything. In the future, she hopes to be financially stable, genuinely happy, healthy, and move out of New York.


Gaby was born in New York and raised in Queens. She is inspired by her Dominican culture, Nuyorican poets, Solange, and Frida Kahlo, to name just a few. Gaby is passionate about surrealism, abstraction, and exploring new mediums with her art. In the future she wants to create art that follows social and political movements.


Julissa is an art major at Edward R. Murrow High School. She is a sculptor, painter, mass media creator, and poet. Her parents are from Jamaica, but she is from Brooklyn, NY. Julissa loves art because of its flexibility. It can be representative of both big and small themes, like the world or even the mind’s eye. In the future she aspires to be an artist, astronomer, or lawyer, and own galleries.


Liz is from Brooklyn, New York. To Liz, art means creation, expression, and honesty. In the future she hopes to find a way to balance practicality and pursuing her dreams. Most of all she wants to be happy, enriched by a wealth of cultural experiences, and full of stories from all over the world.


Nathaniel is from New York City. He sees art as a way to express imagination and present a unique interpretation of specific elements of life. In the future, he hopes to learn more about art and hopefully improve his own artistic output.


Nelson is originally from Puerto Rico. He uses art to bring calm into his life during rough times, which is part of why it means so much to him. Nelson aspires to become a fireman in the future.


Nia was born in Brooklyn, but recently moved to Queens. She thinks art is anything that is created from a place of inspiration. In the future, she wants to move elsewhere to go to college.


Nusrat was born and raised in New York, though her family is originally from Bangladesh. She travels around the city engaging with art forms such as film, music, and photography. In the future, she would love to be a part-time curator, travel the world, and become a doctor. Nusrat is interested in performance art and also wants to be a surgeon.


Sadique is from Brooklyn, New York. Art means a lot to him as a form of expressing himself. In the future he hopes to create all types of art that can be appreciated by other people.


Simone is from Brooklyn, NY. Simone defines art as self-expression and something that can happen in endless forms. In the future, Simone wants to be a journalist and promote peace, equality, liberty, and happiness. She is vegan and seeks to do her part in being sure everyone gets a chance in life.


Tesia was born in New York and raised in India and Oregon. She grew up drawing on everything, dancing, singing, acting, and playing music. For Tesia, art is an outlet through which she can interpret the world around her. She is not sure what her future will hold, however she considers being a pediatrician or having a career in the field of marine biology. Tesia is positive that art will always be a part of her life.



A 30-second online art project:
Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Sky/World Death/World

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