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Youth Insights

Fall 2016
With Jenny Perlin

On Wednesdays, YI Artists collaborated with exhibiting artist Jenny Perlin to create films that explore the intersection of language and images. In her films, Perlin often combines handwritten text and drawn images, embracing the technical quirks of analog technologies. The teens’ films were screened at their final celebration in December.


Alec is a cis-gendered male who currently resides in Brooklyn. He has always been interested in art and he is excited to be a part of Youth Insights Artists! For Alec, art is inspiration and expression. Creating and viewing art is a very personal experience for him. Alec hopes to gain a deeper understanding of art during his time in Youth Insights. In the future, he would like to be a successful interior designer and he would like to be happy. 


AMDG is from the Bronx and is Filipino. Art is a form of expression for AMDG. Fashion and clothes inspire her. In the future, she hopes to build an empire.


Andrea describes herself as a princess from Brooklyn. She is Jamaican and Haitian. Andrea finds her inspiration from being creative, leading, helping the community, writing, and making people feel better. Andrea hopes to be successful enough to take care of any future family she creates, as well as helping out her mother and brother.



Charisma lives in Manhattan and is originally from Jamaica. Art is very important to Charisma. It is a way of expressing who she is. Charisma is interested in photography. In the future, she hopes to have a better understanding of art.

Daniela B.

Daniela is a sixteen year-old girl from Inwood. She is of Dominican descent and really takes pride in her heritage. Daniela is also an artist and a cat lover! Art allows Daniela to express herself in many different ways and helps her better understand different points of view. Daniela’s interests include comic books, Latin American literature, and language studies. In the future, Daniela hopes to connect to and influence others.

Daniela L.

Daniela was born in Ecuador and came to the United States at a young age. To Daniela, art means everything. She loves writing, learning, going out, and meeting new people. Her future goals include making the world a better place, and being someone her family will be proud of. Her perfect life would involve being a journalist and going to art galleries. She also wants to meet new people and enjoy time with the people she loves. 



Fabiola has lived in the Bronx for most of her life, in a large, diverse neighborhood that has shaped her into the person she is today. For Fabiola, art is not really based on how realistic something is, but the way you feel inside. Besides art, she is very interested in astronomy. There are many things she hopes to achieve in the future, whether it is getting a doctoral degree, going to space, or being happy. 


Gabi has lived in the Bronx for her whole life. She is a third generation Dominican-American. For Gabi, art is a form of self-expression with no boundaries and limitless room for innovation. Art to her also encompasses graffiti, street dances, and train musicians. She is mainly interested in creative writing. In the future, Gabi would like to travel and receive a master’s degree. 


Gwyneth was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and was raised in Flushing, New York. Her mother is Korean and her father is Filipino-Portuguese. Art is a very significant and prominent part of Gwyneth’s life, whether it be music, dance, or visual art. In the future, Gwyneth wants to live a happy life doing the things she loves and hopefully have a career in art.


Johana was born in Ecuador. She is interested in art and interacting with other people who have similar interests. To Johana, art is a way to display feelings and emotions. Painting and drawing inspire her. In the future, Johana hopes to travel around the world and meet different artists.


Robert lives in Harlem and is Puerto Rican and Dominican. Robert enjoys playing basketball and is really into fashion. He also enjoys video games. In the future, Robert hopes to graduate from college and get a good job so he can make a lot of money. 


Valerie lives in Queens and her family is from Peru and Ecuador. To Valerie, art is a way to express herself, as well as a way to connect with other people. Although some may not speak the same language, one can send a message or feeling to another through art. Valerie likes to code, draw, and run. She is inspired by her parents who came to the United States with nothing but boundaries and managed to accomplish countless things. In the future, Valerie hopes to be successful in whatever she wants to pursue, and most of all to be happy. 


Victor is from Ecuador. He loves making films and Youth Insights has allowed him to explore this passion. For Victor, art is a form of self-expression. In addition to filmmaking, Victor is interested in skateboarding. He is inspired by things that are happening in the world. In the future, Victor hopes to finish college with a degree in film and education.


 Zaire is a creative artist who was born in Harlem and raised in Germany and Switzerland. To Zaire, art means liberation. The possibilities with art are endless, which makes her feel free. Her main interest is film, and she wants to become a director one day. Her other interests include musical theatre, dance, and writing. In the future, Zaire hopes to make beautiful films that challenge people’s thinking; she wants to leave her mark on the world through art. 


Zhixing grew up in Shanghai and had the chance to live in many different cities. She loves that Youth Insights gives her opportunity to work with artists because she would like to pursue a career in art. To Zhixing, art is what she uses to express her feelings and calm her emotions. Zhixing wants to keep learning about life, travel, and hopefully influence people on the way.



A 30-second online art project:
Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Sky/World Death/World

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