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Object and Color, Color and Object
Make sculpture to explore two and three dimensions

a.  With your students, view and discuss Amarillo “Dos”, 1971. How is this work different from Herrera’s paintings? In what ways is it similar? For older students: what do they notice about positive and negative space in this work? Why do students think Herrera experimented with three dimensional space?

b. Have students use the initials of their first & last names to make a cardboard wall structure or free-standing sculpture with the two letter shapes. Use single face corrugated cardboard that is smooth on one side. You can score this cardboard with a ballpoint pen and cut it with scissors. Use paper tape or glue to combine the cardboard shapes together.

Source for corrugated cardboard:

c. For younger students: Draw and cut out two cardboard shapes that are the same size. Glue the cardboard shapes to the rim and the base of a paper cup so that the cup acts as a stabilizing structure. Ask students to use one or two colors to paint their sculptures.

See this video for reference:

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