Make a collage with many layers


For almost eight years, Jay DeFeo kept applying layer after layer of thick paint to The Rose, then removing some paint and adding more. Eventually The Rose became a very heavy work of art.

What you’ll need:

A large piece of sturdy card or cardboard; a pencil; smaller pieces of paper such as tissue paper, wrapping paper, or paper towels; pictures from old magazines or newspapers or printouts of digital images; scissors; flour or cornstarch; water; a fork; a plastic container with a lid; paintbrushes; water-based paint

Look around your home for different types of paper and pictures that relate to you and your daily life. Print digital images or cut out pictures from old magazines or newspapers of subjects such as man-made objects, food, words from songs, items from nature, or anything else that is meaningful and important to you.

Cover a table or other flat surface to protect it from getting messed up. Use a plastic container and a fork to mix 1 cup of flour or cornstarch and ½ cup of water to make your own glue.

Use a pencil to draw a big, simple shape in the center of a large piece of card or cardboard, such as a circle, triangle, or square.

Arrange a few pictures and pieces of paper within the shape that you drew. When you like your arrangement, glue them down.

Add another layer of pictures and paper to your collage. Keep adding materials inside your shape or go outside the lines and completely cover your large piece of card or cardboard with collage. Which parts from the first layer can you still see? What is hidden?

Add a few more layers to your collage and leave it to dry.


How do the pictures and paper in your collage relate to your daily life?

What could someone learn about you by looking at your collage?


Add your collage to your profile page.