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Teen Event: Collected
Feb 29, 2016

girl writing on paper on floor

Teens participate in a gallery activity led by YI Leader. Photograph by Andrew Kist


This teen event was inspired by the exhibition Collected by Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner. Thea and Ethan are art collectors who traveled all around the world looking for different types of art. Their collection includes paintings, photography, and mixed media works. Thea and Ethan are so passionate about the work they collect that they live with it! They prefer to have these works in their home and not in storage.

girl reading from a paper

YI Leader, Auri reads texts by Michel Foucault and Audre Lorde in front of Matias Faldbakken’s Untitled (Locker Sculpture #01), 2010. Photograph by Andrew Kist

For our event titled: Collected, the Youth Insights Leaders decided to lead discussions and activities related to different works in the exhibition. Two of the Leaders decided to perform in the galleries. In one of our activities, we had attendees go through their text messages, pick one that really stood out to them, and write it in a similar way to Christopher Wool’s untitled work: no punctuation, all uppercase, no spaces in between words, and not forcing a whole word to fit in one line.

two teen presenting in front of a painting

Teen reads a text message written in the style of Christopher Wool’s Untitled, 1990. Photograph by Andrew Kist

Additionally, a few YI Leaders conducted short interviews in order to learn what the attendees of our events like and what we can do to improve them. The night was amazing! We welcomed hundreds of happy teens and we hope to have even more in our upcoming events.

By Andrea, YI Leader