Photographs from Teach with O’Keeffe

  • The group looks at a painting
  • Two teachers standing in front of a painting
  • Teachers holding up viewfinders
  • A student takes notes in the gallery
  • A teacher looks through a viewfinder
  • A teacher takes notes
  • A group discussion in the gallery
  • Two people look at paintings in the galleries
  • A teacher taking notes
  • The group discusses art
  • A student makes a point
  • A student thinks about art
  • A class member laughs around a table
  • Three women sit at a table with a computer
  • A group discussion in a classroom
  • A teacher takes a photo out the window
  • A teacher works on a flower arrangment
  • Three teachers work together at a laptop
  • A teacher takes a photograph
  • Two teachers look at a computer
  • A teacher makes a note to the group

The Whitney School Programs team can’t stop looking at all the terrific photographs that were taken during our Teach with O’Keeffe conference last month! We love looking back on all the great conversations that took place in the galleries and remembering the wonderful things that students said about their school and teachers.

Here are some of our favorite photographs from the week. Some are taken in the Whitney’s galleries, and others are taken at West Side Collaborative, the school that we’ve partnered with for the project. Enjoy!