2009-10 Teacher Exchange has begun!

Workshop members sit on the floor in the museum

2008-2009 Teacher Exchange participants in the galleries. Photograph by Liz Gillroy

Our 2009-2010 Teacher Exchange program has begun, and it’s off to a great start! This is the second year of this professional development program, where K-12 classroom teachers and Whitney educators work together to learn from one another and exchange ideas about how to use works of art in our teaching.

This year, we have ten teachers from all over New York City—they teach different subject areas in different schools.Through this ongoing exchange with participating teachers, we look forward to learning how best to serve students and teachers at the Museum.

We started out by touring the exhibitions and trying out different types of inquiry-based activities in the galleries. During the yearlong program, participating teachers will develop their own activities and mini-lessons, test them out in their classrooms, and post their best experiences on this blog! By doing this, we’re hoping to create a forum for ideas and exchange, and expand the reach of the program into many classrooms—maybe yours!