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I think in retrospect, my one regret about the after talk discussion, was that we didn't gravitate to the interesting larger issues of what it means for the physical museum to be at the intersection of network economies and virtual space. Given that there are older long term continuing issues, we should b talking about what might b the new ones... (raised performatively, so nicely in the presentations)
Agree - which is why I think it is useful to apply some of the lessons or questions from post-modernism. For example and very briefly, while the "selfie" might be seen as a form of appropriation or resistance, it can also be seen Lacanian terms as the mirror stage, or it could be seen in terms of the culture of the copy, with the increase of aura surrounding the original, or in the society of the spectacle as the supreme attraction to celebrity as spectacle, with the art in this case representing celebrity.
However, the Internet, as it moved from military to hacker or free online culture, at 1st profoundly challenged the relations of capitalism, only to have capitalism finally figure out a way to harness free culture, which is probably the moment we are living in right now.
yes and it becomes an issue of inside and outside museums - museums without boundaries

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