In Fireflies on the Water, Yayoi Kusama used light as an art-making material. Now you get to experiment with light too!

What you’ll need: A dark room and portable lights—see how many lamps, flashlights, and night-lights you can find! Don’t forget a camera to document your artwork.

  1. Choose a room where you can close the doors and the curtains or otherwise keep it dim. This will help you see your lights better!
  2. Set up the lamps, flashlights, night-lights, and other lights in a way you think might be interesting. Look for different high and low places in the room where you can put them: On the floor? On a shelf? Behind a chair? Hidden in a closet but leaving the door slightly open? Inside a pillow fort?
  3.  Turn off the main lights in the room and see what happens. What does it look like? A starry sky? Car headlights on a dark road? Take a picture of your installation and upload it to your profile page!