With Yayoi Kusama’s interest in repetition as inspiration, experiment with making an artwork using your own repeated image or symbol.

What you’ll need: paper, glue, and small, everyday objects that you can collect a lot of

  1. Kusama used stickers she had around the house to make her artwork. Instead of stickers, find a type of everyday object that you have in your home. For example, you could use cotton balls, toothpicks, buttons, or dried macaroni!
  2.  Starting wherever you like, glue an object to the paper. Guess how many you’ll need to draw to fill the entire page. 100? 250? 1,000?
  3.  Now glue another one. Now glue another one, over and over. See if you can fill the whole page!
  4. How many of your object were you able to fit onto one page? Try to count them.