Get Inspired by Charles LeDray’s Process

What you’ll need

An everday object, paper, and something to write with

  1. LeDray has worked with clothing, hats, stuffed animals, vases, and other items. Choose an everyday object that you would not normally consider to be an artwork. (If you’re stuck, look around wherever you might be, and choose one of the first objects you see.)
  2. Make a drawing of that object on a piece of paper. Make it really big and notice as many details as you can.
  3. Now make another drawing of the same object, but make it a much smaller size. How many details can you include?
  4. As an extra challenge, see how many different styles of the same object you can think of, and draw as many of them as you might need to fill your entire piece of paper!
  5. For example, if you chose to draw a shoe and make it smaller, what other different kinds of shoes could you use? How many can you think of to draw?
  6. Share your drawings on your For Kids page or display them at home!