After Levine

Many people experience art through reproductions—images of artworks printed in books, magazines, and posters—rather than in person. Today we have even more access to reproductions of artwork—especially online.

See if you can transform a reproduction of an artwork into an original work of art!

  1. Choose an image of an artwork from the Whitney’s collection as your inspiration.
  2. Think about the materials used to make the original work of art, and how much of those materials you can actually see in the online images.
  3. Now challenge yourself to transform this work of art using a material that is different than that of the original: If you’re working from a sculpture, see if you can make a drawing or painting of that sculpture. If you’re working from a painting, see if you can transform one or more parts of the painting into something sculptural!
  4. Compare your work of art to the reproduction you started from.
  5. What did you choose to make the same, and what did you change?
  6. Photograph your finished piece and share it on your For Kids page.