What you’ll need: Sandwich fixings of your choice, a piece of paper, something to write with, camera

  1. Have a friend or adult make you a sandwich. But first, write out a list of instructions explaining exactly how you’d like them to make it!
  2. Think about the exact actions you’d like them to do so they’re able to build it the way you want. They won’t be able to do anything you don’t list, so be sure to start with actions like “open the bag of bread” or “unscrew the lid to the pickles.”
  3. Once you have a thorough list, have your partner try to make your sandwich. How does it work out? Think about if there are any changes you’d make to your instructions, or any additional steps you’d need to add.
  4. Take a photograph of your sandwich to share with us.
  5. Enjoy your delicious sandwich with a friend!