What’s Your Perspective?

What you’ll need

Paper, pencil or colored pencils


Edward Hopper was often inspired by scenes of the world around him, specific views he noticed from the trains, cars, windows, and doorways of the places he lived, worked, and traveled.

  1. Find a view of your street or home by looking through an open space you can find. It can be a window, a doorway, a keyhole, a mirror, or even a skylight!
  2. Using regular or colored pencils, draw a sketch of exactly what you see from your perspective on a piece of paper. You may find it helpful to draw the shape of the window, doorway, or other frame you are using first, so you know how much of the scene to include.
  3. Consider what shapes, colors, and patterns you can see from your view, and which parts of what you see you’d like to add to your drawing. You don’t have to include every detail!
  4. Add a title or some information to your drawing. Where is it? What time of day is it?
  5. For an added challenge, try drawing the same view at another time of day. How might your view look the same? Different? What’s changed?