Everyday Object: Remix

What you’ll need

Paper, something to draw with of your choice

Claes Oldenburg is inspired to create his sculptures by observing everyday objects, such as food, tools, and appliances that he sees around the house. He transforms these objects into sculptures by remaking them and changing a detail about them, such as the material or scale.

  1. Choose an everyday object you can see from where you are. Don’t think too hard about it–look around and choose the first thing you can see. It can be anything–scissors, a refrigerator, a toaster. Anything!
  2. Consider what you notice about it exactly as it is. How big is it? What is it made of? What does it do?
  3. Choose an element of this object to transform as part of your sculpture’s design. If you’re stumped, start by thinking about opposites. If it is a small object, think about making it larger. Or, if it is made from a hard material, think about what soft materials you might use. Do whatever you like!
  4. Draw a plan for your proposed sculpture using paper and something to draw with of your choice. If you were going to remake this object as a sculpture, what would you do? What materials would you use? How big would it be? Where would it be installed?