up close and personal

What you’ll need

A natural object, a magnifying glass or viewfinder, colored pencils, paper

  1. Choose an object from nature that interests you and makes you want to look closely. This could be a leaf, flower, stick, shell, fruit or vegetable—you choose!
  2. Look at your object as a whole. What are some shapes and lines you notice? Draw your object on a piece of paper, and try to include the whole thing. See if you can draw your object so big it fills the page.
  3. Using a magnifying glass or a viewfinder, look closely at your object. A viewfinder is a tool that helps you look at something through a specific shape or window, similar to the viewfinder you see on a camera. If you don’t have one, cut or tear a hole in a piece of paper and look through that. What lines, shapes and colors can you see?   
  4. Think of the edges of your piece of paper as if it were the frame of your viewfinder, and draw what you see in the viewfinder on the piece of paper. Again, try and fill the whole space if you can.

When you are finished, look at both of your drawings together. Even though they are drawings of the same object, compare them. What looks different? What looks the same?