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Lauren S.’s Collections

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Untitled 1. Flag

Bread and Circuses
Bread and Circuses, 2007  2008.42 

Notepad, 2008  2008.299 

Lauren: Take the stairs, children.

Pink Days and Blue Days

Lauren: Are those up for grabs or down for keeps?

Flock, 1998  2006.79a-eeeeeeeee 

Lauren: Take me with you, flock.

Untitled, 1992–93  95.149 

Lauren: Did this come with a gift-receipt?

The Wait
The Wait, 1964–65  66.49a-m 

Lauren: And the parakeet is alive...

Strange Attractor
Strange Attractor, 2000  2001.1 

Lauren: Title Art.

Celestial Navigation
Celestial Navigation, c. 1958  92.24a-k 

Lauren: Knock, knock.

New York
New York, 1940  2001.82 

Lauren: Sehr Gut--snails are delicious.

Gravity's Rainbow (Large)

Lauren: Hide & Seek Round III. Double-elimination.

Untitled, 2007  2009.12 

Lauren: I dream to die riding a bicycle. How about you?

Milky Way
Milky Way, 2000  2001.22 

Lauren: Must be this tall to ride. This tall!


Lauren: Nothing heals the soul like doing the laundry.

American Landscape
American Landscape, 1920  31.690  On view 

Lauren: Bell rings in the distance.

Penn Station
Penn Station, 1958  98.67.3 

Lauren: Classifieds: Suit of Armor for Sale.

Untitled, 1992  97.97.1 

Lauren: Temp ~78 degrees.

Resting Horse

Lauren: I do need. A spot of water.

Rogue Ascension
Rogue Ascension, 2002  2004.37 

Lauren: Bless you.

New Hoover Convertibles, Green, Blue; New Hoover Convertibles, Green, Blue; Double-Decker

Lauren: Koons, how clean is your floor?

Untitled, 1956  2002.265 

Lauren: Spice Fiasco.

Rememor with Membry

Lauren: Fence. Wire. Tree. Dream. Pull. Loop. Skip. Goes.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait, 1925–30  70.1165  On view 

Lauren: "Critics Circle," says the doormat.

Lily and the Sparrows

Lauren: This is what happens after you leave 1939.

Chair Transformation Number 10A

Lauren: Please be seated, darling.

0806, 2006  2010.71 

Lauren: Neck.

Master of the Universe/ FlexMaster 3000

Lauren: Lift like a Master. Everyday. Never never put them down. Raise your arms. Higher. Lift. A Master.

July Waterfall
July Waterfall, 1991  P.92.3 

Lauren: World #30.

Bombshell, 1999  2002.318 

Lauren: Keep your NUCs to yourself. Tuck'em in a napkin or such.

Madison Square

Lauren: RSVP not required.

The Critic
The Critic, 1925  76.9 

Lauren: Holla! Punch monkey, do you like my art? I will deliver onto you all the bananas of the world. Which is little bounty. Because I wish all the bananas that are never were. Keep your bananas to yourself, Punch Monkey Critic.

_No title_
No title, 1970  88.17a-b 

Lauren: Vishvarupa.

Night Scene
Night Scene, 1935  77.117 

Lauren: Prickle Killers.

East River with Boat, New York

Lauren: Volta.

The Dark Figure

Lauren: Olympia. And hold me now. Will you?

Number 18, 1951
Number 18, 1951, 1951  2002.258  On view 

Lauren: All I never have had. Is him.

More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and The Wages of Sin

Lauren: My oh my, how we let our sins show when we are children. How then we take them up, swallow them, hold them inside. And wait with bliss or worry for someone to unlock them. To hand them the untraced capacity to love.

Rapture, 1999  99.86 

Lauren: Basin for basin.

Revue, 1908  31.346 

Lauren: I unto you, deliver hand and foot.
Bend to you and yours.

Early Sunday Morning
Early Sunday Morning, 1930  31.426  On view 

Lauren: Sehr schon. Das ist Sonntag.

New York Interior
New York Interior, c. 1921  70.1200  On view 

Lauren: You might think I am going-out. As I am not. You are.

Hankchampion, 1960  73.85 

Lauren: Arabesque. Two dancers.
In Partner Class.

Fireflies on the Water
Fireflies on the Water, 2002  2003.322a-tttttttt  On view 

Lauren: Proposals.

Puzzle Bottle
Puzzle Bottle, 1995  95.85a-b 

Lauren: Does this make me. And every woman a corkscrew?

"Untitled" (America)

Lauren: Yard sale.

Untitled (Shanty)
Untitled (Shanty), 1978  84.71.1 

Lauren: A home is a wooden cup.

Little Clown, the Trumpeteer, from Calder's Circus

Lauren: How much would it cost for ground-shipping, to Elizabeth Bishop?

Phil, 1969  69.102 

The Brooklyn Bridge: Variation on an Old Theme

Lauren: AA batteries not included.

The Head
The Head, 1979  98.27 

Lauren: Lemon-head Gorgeous.

Second and Third Steps

Lauren: I see you, baby.

Four Darks in Red
Four Darks in Red, 1958  68.9  On view 

Lauren: The Danger in Beginning. Is Only Worry of Ending before One is Done.

Man in Tree
Man in Tree, 1978  93.74 

Lauren: Blessed Be, the Ties that Bind.


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50. John Coplans, Self-Portrait (Interlocking Fingers, No. 18), 2000  2000.98<
51. William Wegman, Second and Third Steps, 1989  92.38.11<
52. Kristin Baker, Ride to Live, Live to Ride, 2004  2005.107a-c<
53. Mark Rothko, Four Darks in Red, 1958  68.9<
54. Charles Ray, Man in Tree, 1978  93.74<


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