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Sinclaire G.’s Collections

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Fireflies on the Water
Fireflies on the Water, 2002  2003.322a-tttttttt 


b. 1931
1 work online
Untitled, 1961, 1961

Sinclaire: the best!

The Rose
The Rose, 1958–66  95.170 

Dwellings, 1981  81.11a-c  On view 

Sinclaire: me and my dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Yayoi Kusama, Fireflies on the Water, 2002  2003.322a-tttttttt
2. Artists  other web page
3. Lee Bontecou (b. 1931)  artist page
4. Charles LeDray, Untitled/Clothesline, 1992  95.141
5. Jay DeFeo, The Rose, 1958–66  95.170
6. Charles Simonds, Dwellings, 1981  81.11a-c  On view
7. For Families With Kids Ages 6–10  other web page
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