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Lili P.’s Collections

While it's no longer possible to create or edit a personalized collection, you can still view collections you've already built, or browse the Whitney collection online.


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Fireflies on the Water
Fireflies on the Water, 2002  2003.322a-tttttttt  On view 

Air Mail Stickers
Air Mail Stickers, 1962  64.34  On view 


1. Philip Evergood, Lily and the Sparrows, 1939  41.42<
2. Isamu Noguchi, Work Sheets for Sculpture, 1945  74.46<
3. Yayoi Kusama, Fireflies on the Water, 2002  2003.322a-tttttttt<
4. Yayoi Kusama, Air Mail Stickers, 1962  64.34<


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