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Justin H.’s Collections

While it's no longer possible to create or edit a personalized collection, you can still view collections you've already built, or browse the Whitney collection online.


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1. Jean-Michel Basquiat, LNAPRK, 1982  91.83<
2. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hollywood Africans, 1983  84.23<
3. Arturo Herrera, Before We Leave, 2001  2002.144a-c<
4. Gabriel Orozco, Parachute in Iceland (South), 1996  97.36<
5. Fred Wilson, Guarded View, 1991  97.84a-d<
6. Kara Walker, Mistress Demanded Swift and Dramatic Empathetic Reaction Which We Obliged Her, 2000  2001.228<
7. Blues for Smoke (Feb 7–Apr 28, 2013)  exhibition page
8. Blues for Smoke  other web page


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