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Mori G.’s Collections

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1. Richard Estes, The Candy Store, 1969  69.21<
2. Richard Estes, Ansonia, 1977  77.33<
3. Alexander Calder, Suitcase filled with elements from Calder’s Circus, 1926–31  83.36.65a-c<
4. Glenn Ligon, Self-Portrait at Eleven Years Old, 2004  2005.11<
5. Jean-Michel Basquiat, LNAPRK, 1982  91.83<


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Experimental Jetset are influenced by the music of The Beatles and The Jam, as well as the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Stanley Kubrick - with whom Experimental Jetset shares an obsessive attention to detail.

“1966 Blow Up (1966) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni is a film about art, memory, photography, music, film, design and life itself."