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Tiffany D.’s Collections

While it's no longer possible to create or edit a personalized collection, you can still view collections you've already built, or browse the Whitney collection online.

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Rock My Religion
Rock My Religion, 1982–84  2000.170 

Magnet TV
Magnet TV, 1965  86.60a-b 

Three Flags
Three Flags, 1958  80.32  On view 

Desire, Despair
Desire, Despair, 1996  97.102.2a-l 

Kitchen, 1990–95  2008.339a-x 


1. Dan Graham, Rock My Religion, 1982–84  2000.170<
2. Nam June Paik, Magnet TV, 1965  86.60a-b<
3. Jasper Johns, Three Flags, 1958  80.32<
4. Jack Pierson, Desire, Despair, 1996  97.102.2a-l<
5. Liza Lou, Kitchen, 1990–95  2008.339a-x<


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