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What is a Collection?

A collection is a group of objects that are gathered together for the purposes of learning, research, or interest. Museums are buildings or places that collect and house objects, but people collect things for many different reasons—even just for fun. Toys, games, cards, music, clothes, rocks, or any other kind of object could be part of a collection.

Build your own collection!

Get started by exploring works of art in the Whitney’s collection. As you explore artist and artwork pages, click the “COLLECT” button that appears above the works you want to collect.

This is our workmate Danielle’s collection of tiny objects

Why do people collect things?

If a person collected something as a kid, they might continue to collect those things as an adult. Perhaps the things they collect have good memories attached to them, and they might even be more valuable someday. 

This is our workmate Eileen’s collection of critters
This is our workmate Desi’s collection of postcards