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Dear Kids and Parents,

Welcome to WHITNEY KIDS, a special part of the Whitney’s website for artists ages 8 to 12. At the Whitney, we believe that artists can inspire us to think creatively and to see things in new ways. We want to make connections between the ways that Whitney artists made art and how kids today create their own art. 

We have developed these web pages so that kids can submit their own works of art and be part of the Whitney too! Here you can learn more about Whitney artists, collect art, do polls and quizzes, add tags, change the pattern on the WHITNEY KIDS pages, and make your own profile page, which you can share with other kids.

Parents may want to take a look at the Collection in this area of the site before letting your young artists visit it, as some people may find some of the content challenging or inappropriate. 

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please email them to