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Sun Drawing, 1967
Sun Drawing, 1967  2010.46 
Ground #42, 1994
Ground #42, 1994  95.162 
DeLuxe, 2004–05
DeLuxe, 2004–05  2006.340a-hhh 


1. DavidH, rollercoaster of doom, 2011 Flag
2. Sara Greenberger Rafferty, At the Table (I), 2008  2009.37
3. Fairfield Porter, The Screen Porch, 1964  77.1.41
4. Zarina Hashmi, Cage, 1970  2011.9
5. Ching Ho Cheng, Sun Drawing, 1967  2010.46
6. Uta Barth, Ground #42, 1994  95.162
7. Margaret Bourke-White, The Louisville Flood, 1937  92.58
8. Ellen Gallagher, DeLuxe, 2004–05  2006.340a-hhh
9. Kalup Linzy, Conversations Wit de Churen V: As da Art World Might Turn, 2006  2009.134
10. Anna Gaskell, As the Serpent, 1996  2002.104
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