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1. Mark Lombardi, BCCI-ICIC & FAB, 1972-91 (4th Version), 1996–2000  2000.250.1
2. Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #35, 1979  88.50.4
3. Georgia O’Keeffe, Music, Pink and Blue No. 2, 1918  91.90
4. grins, exit, 2010 Flag
5. Lynda Benglis, Contraband, 1969  2008.14
6. Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning, 1930  31.426
7. Glenn Ligon, Untitled (I Do Not Always Feel Colored), 1990  2001.275
8. Arturo Herrera, Before We Leave, 2001  2002.144a-c
9. Arthur Dove, The Critic, 1925  76.9
10. Robert Rauschenberg, Yoicks, 1953  71.210
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