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Artists are often inspired by and influenced by what they see and hear around them.

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I think that when I make stuff because it is just so pretty and you know that they worked hard it inspires poeple to do it. — GIRAFF11 Flag
My inspiration comes from the beautiful country I live in... THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN AREA — CALEBS Flag
music — TRINITY1 Flag
i like to go outside and make art in my back yard. — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
just having fun will be just to make art more fun and more AWESOMe — THESONICC2 Flag
just having fun — THESONICC2 Flag
reading, seeing things, eating, teachers, people, everyday objects, candy ceral, and toys!!!!!!!!!!! — PUSSYPRISSY Flag
food! — DESIG Flag
my sisters! and my dog — PITACHIPS Flag
leaves in the fall — MARIAS Flag
cool things — FREEZER Flag
for fun — HORSES Flag
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