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What is your favorite sandwich?
How many parts or ingredients does it have?
If you were to make your favorite sandwich, what would you put on the bread first? Why?
Describe your favorite sandwich. Explain why you like it and how you would make it. Go to page about this work
Tuna and mayo with lettuce. It has 4 parts. I would put lots of mayo on first so everything else would stick to it. Then lettuce then a little bit of tuna. — DIAMOND Flag
my favorite sandwich has cheese, avocado, tomato and a egg white patty. first, i melt cheese on a piece of toast. then i take an avocado and mush and spread it over the other piece of bread, after that, i cook egg whites. after i place the egg white patty on top of the avocado, i slice some tomato and add it on. and then i eattttttt it!!! — ZZTOPPER33 Flag
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