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Can you tell if people live here or not? How? Go to page about this work
I think people live here because the shades are different in each window,, as if people have been occupying the apartments. — MEREDITH_MARTIN Flag
Not sure! Do YOU know? — CHOCOKAT Flag
I don't know if anyone lives here. There are no houses! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
No, because there is no such thing as someone living in a computer. People live outside of computers. — DAVIDH Flag
I think no people there becuse there are no housees just stores — COLORGIRL Flag
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Where do you keep your collection?
Describe how you arrange it. Go to What Is A Collection
Lots of places — CHOCOKAT Flag
I have a huge board in my room. — ARTMAN1125 Flag
I arrange in all the places I can, because most of the walls in my house are painted white! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
My art hangs on a string in my room held by clips. — DAVIDH Flag
In a shoe box. I collect rocks all kinds.they are all together now but my dad and I are going to build a box with sections to organize them — IPADKID Flag
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What story would you tell about this scene? What do you think might happen next? Go to page about this work
A dance performance and she is a ballet dancer ( i know because I have been in lots of performances — CHOCOKAT Flag
she is going to a dance recital — FINNKID Flag
She might go to a dance because of the dress. — ARTMAN1125 Flag
The bride is not gonna go to the wedding — FINNTHEHUMAN Flag
I think that she will go to her wedding, because a bride can't miss her wedding! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
the bride will get up and get to the wedding — PUSSYPRISSY Flag
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If you were going to have your portrait made, what would you want it to look like? Why?
How large or small would you want it to be? Go to page about this work
Large pencil absract — FINNTHEHUMAN Flag
I wouldn't really care. Which ever size I drew, I would love it! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
62 — GOGO Flag
i would want it to look like a big, colorful, portrait. — DAVIDH Flag
i would want it to be really big, bright, and colorful! — ANNABANANA Flag
Really really teeny tiny — IPADKID Flag
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