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What do you collect? Go to What Is A Collection
rocks,candles,erasers,seashells,stickers, magnets,and thats it. — NOISEMAKER Flag
pencils — ELGATO Flag
Nothing. — BEAR Flag
Stuffed animals, stickers and diaries. — CHOCOKAT Flag
I collect rocks, stuffed animals and pins. — PHANTOM1221 Flag
videogames :) — WAR HAWK Flag
Pins are awsome try collecting them! — PHANTOM1221 Flag
Wow you collect cats! — PHANTOM1221 Flag
I collect rocks, stuffed animals and pins. — PHANTOM1221 Flag
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Can you tell if people live here or not? How? Go to page about this work
I think people live here because the shades are different in each window,, as if people have been occupying the apartments. — MEREDITH_MARTIN Flag
Not sure! Do YOU know? — CHOCOKAT Flag
I don't know if anyone lives here. There are no houses! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
No, because there is no such thing as someone living in a computer. People live outside of computers. — DAVIDH Flag
I think no people there becuse there are no housees just stores — COLORGIRL Flag
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Where do you keep your collection?
Describe how you arrange it. Go to What Is A Collection
Lots of places — CHOCOKAT Flag
I have a huge board in my room. — ARTMAN1125 Flag
I arrange in all the places I can, because most of the walls in my house are painted white! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
My art hangs on a string in my room held by clips. — DAVIDH Flag
In a shoe box. I collect rocks all kinds.they are all together now but my dad and I are going to build a box with sections to organize them — IPADKID Flag
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Artwork image
What story would you tell about this scene? What do you think might happen next? Go to page about this work
A dance performance and she is a ballet dancer ( i know because I have been in lots of performances — CHOCOKAT Flag
she is going to a dance recital — FINNKID Flag
She might go to a dance because of the dress. — ARTMAN1125 Flag
The bride is not gonna go to the wedding — FINNTHEHUMAN Flag
I think that she will go to her wedding, because a bride can't miss her wedding! — COCOVEGA83 Flag
the bride will get up and get to the wedding — PUSSYPRISSY Flag
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