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If you joined a circus, what would you want to be?
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acrobat! — GOOGLEGEEK Flag
Well, I would not want to be a sword swallower. I am not sure what I would want to be, maybe sell popcorn outside. — BEAR Flag
Lion tamer because I love animals or maybe the trapeeze artist or the ringmaster. One of those three. — CHOCOKAT Flag
I, monkey789, would be the person who would set up the stage because it is a big job and KNOWBODY SEES YOU! — MONKEY789 Flag
Acrobat — MONKEY4 Flag
The Ring Master — WAR HAWK Flag
I would want to be one of the horseback riders — FIDDLESTICKS Flag
Human cannonball!!! They get blowed up and out into the air and they flyyyy — FIDDLESTICKS Flag
i would like to be an acrobat. — FIDDLESTICKS Flag
Ringmaster — FIDDLESTICKS Flag
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Why do you think there are no women in this painting? Go to page about this work
Women dont like wrestling! — CHOCOKAT Flag
i think a boxer fell out of the ring because the fans are carrying him back on to the boxing ring — FINNKID Flag
Maybe they were not allowed there — DIAMOND Flag
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What do some of these words and pictures make you think of? Go to page about this work
Graffiti — CHOCOKAT Flag
graffiti under a road bridge — FINNKID Flag
graffiti and the beach — DIAMOND Flag
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What clues do you see that tell you who these people might be? Go to page about this work
I think they are lawyers — FINNKID Flag
eggs in a basket — DIAMOND Flag
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