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Zoom in for a close look at Dwellings. Imagine who might live in these structures. Who are they? What would they be doing? What clues can you see that give you this idea? Go to page about this work
They probably live in Egypt or India. — BEAR Flag
It;s probably not native americans. it's probably people that aren't real like imaginary people — PITACHIPS Flag
I think that mexicans because I saw in a painting of a village like that and it was called mexican village — FINNKID Flag
The native americans. — NENITY Flag
Little people like in Gullivers Travels — DIAMOND Flag
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Why do you think the artist is pretending to be a fountain? Go to page about this work
He is looking for something to do or he is hot and he wants to cool down — CHOCOKAT Flag
He just drank a lot of water and he had to spit some out. — FINNKID Flag
He's bored... — DWADWA Flag
Hes probably playing a game and hes trying to pretend to be something so they done catch him. — NENITY Flag
He likes to make up things — DIAMOND Flag
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Imagine what it might be like to be here. What would you see, hear, or smell? Go to page about this work
I dont want to even emagine because I have athasma — CHOCOKAT Flag
I would smell smoke and burning stuff — FINNKID Flag
Polluted. I would cough — DIAMOND Flag
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Artwork image
How would this painting change if it rained for a week or two? Go to page about this work
It would either be supermuddy or superflooded — CHOCOKAT Flag
It would be a bay — PENGUIN Flag
If you pour 500 pound of water from the top of the mountain. — PHANTOM1221 Flag
The sand dune would be under water. — FINNKID Flag
The ground would turn flat and fill with water. — DWADWA Flag
It would be messed up and muddy. — NENITY Flag
The grass would grow and flowers too — DIAMOND Flag
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