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The 2012 Biennial takes a look at what’s new in art today. What do you think makes contemporary art new and exciting?
When its is personal and reflective of the self, its curiosities and obsessions. When vision and reality collide and the result is some kind of outta left field, rule breaking, ground shaking presentation or reaffirmation of a funda-meta, home grown, deep cuts, true-thats, you already know, word-is-bond -ish-ness. — CANDICE_TWOUS Flag
I think contemporary art is exciting because it is different from all other mediums. — CALEBS Flag
magic — MGT Flag
magic — DIAMOND Flag
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If you were a filmmaker, what would your films be about?
Making friends! — BEAR Flag
Romance and Comedy and Adventure, Kind of like Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Carribean — CHOCOKAT Flag
If I was a filmmaker my film well be about how the world should be a better place and how we should take very graet care of it — MGT Flag
All kinds of stuff! — COOLGIRL7 Flag
Dragons! — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
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What does Vincent Fecteau’s sculpture remind you of? What kind of shapes do you see?
where can u look at it? i cannot find it! — CHOCOKAT Flag
elephant — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
It look awful — MGT Flag
it looks like crushed up cars — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
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What are your top picks in the 2012 Whitney Biennial? Go to 2012 Biennial
I think she is an graet artist — MGT Flag
i think these pictures are amazing — COOLGIRL7 Flag
Andrew Masullo I like his bright colors — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
i also like sam lewitt's work and i forget who else. — DIAMOND Flag
i like luther price, latoya ruby frazier and kate levant. — DIAMOND Flag
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