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If you asked someone to make your portrait, what would you want it to look like? Go to page about this work
My portrait will be full of the senses i live through, to show the variety of contributions and influences that shape my physical social and emotional me! — CANDICE_TWOUS Flag
I would like to look pretty and fancy! Like a queen! — BEAR Flag
I want it to be a picture of an alien — JOSHUABEN10 Flag
i would like to be in a pose! — TRINITY1 Flag
like the mona lisa a very simple piece of work that has a lot of meaning to it — LYYLI101 Flag
I would like it to be deep, vibrant, abstract wouldnt hurt as long as it will capture my true essence. Flat background, local clear colors like Gogen's -mixed with Rockwell humor. — ARTIS Flag
I want it to look pretty and NOT all abstract like Picasso or Dali. — CHOCOKAT Flag
I want it to have lots of bright colors and flowers — MADAVEGIRL Flag
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Artwork image
Why do you think the artist called this painting My Egypt? Go to page about this work
egypt sells — BLACKCOFFEE Flag
i don't knowO_O — TRINITY1 Flag
because of the way the sun rays are formed the same way as in egypt — LYYLI101 Flag
Because maybe if he had an Eygypt of his own that would b what it looks like — CHOCOKAT Flag
I think it is from EGYPT — MGT Flag
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Artwork image
Even though he doesn’t use paint, Wade Guyton describes his artworks as paintings. Do you think Guyton’s artworks are paintings? Why or why not? Go to page about this work
They are paintings because they are art, and because he says they are, and there his artwork. — BEAR Flag
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If you were a filmmaker, what would your films be about?
Making friends! — BEAR Flag
Romance and Comedy and Adventure, Kind of like Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Carribean — CHOCOKAT Flag
If I was a filmmaker my film well be about how the world should be a better place and how we should take very graet care of it — MGT Flag
All kinds of stuff! — COOLGIRL7 Flag
Dragons! — SPAGHETTI MAN Flag
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