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When you go to your friends’ houses, do you ever bring over toys or other things of yours to share with them? What do you bring, and how do you carry it? Go to page about this work
an apple mask that we all made — NOISEMAKER Flag
My doll. In my backpack. — FIDDLESTICKS Flag
yes, i do! i usually bring over my favorite doll. i carry her over! — ZZTOPPER33 Flag
I have a little transparent plastic bag with 12 aliens in it. — TAMARA Flag
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Do you have a space of your own where you can make things? Where is it? Go to Calder’s page
Yes! I have a desk in my room with draws full of materials and tools! — GOOGLEGEEK Flag
hey i don't care! this place is cool but you can make it better! — TRINITY1 Flag
Anywhere and everywhere! (as long as I tidy up when I'm done) — PG13 Flag
Well I color at my desk in my room and I also sometimes draw — CHOCOKAT Flag
it is my table in my bedroom i always do art in it. — COOLGIRL7 Flag
i love everybodys art! — COOLGIRL7 Flag
i love alexander's art!!! — COOLGIRL7 Flag
i do art all the time it is just soooo fun — COOLGIRL7 Flag
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What mood or emotion does this painting communicate to you? Why? Go to page about this work
Calmness and kindness — MEGLIZRICH Flag
beach — TAMARA Flag
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What do you think this woman is doing? Why? 
 Go to page about this work
acting — MICHKURL Flag
Coming home from work after a long and hard day — DESIG Flag
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