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The Pattern Maker

What is the pattern maker?
The pattern maker is a fun feature for you to create your own design for the right side of the FOR KIDS web pages. It is a type of “graffiti wall” that anyone can change at any time.

When you use the pattern maker, you are working with an algorithm to create many different effects.

How to use the pattern maker

1. You can choose up to four pattern tiles to arrange in layers. Click Change Tile to work on one layer of the pattern. Click Clear Tile to make this layer blank.

2. Move the sliders back and forward to change how this layer of the pattern looks. 

  • Rotation: turn the pattern around to go in another direction.
  • Scale: change the size of the pattern.
  • Opacity: add more or less color to make the pattern layer transparent or solid.
  • Color: change the color of this layer.

3. Click a different square to work on another layer of your pattern.

4. Click Done to save your pattern!


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