Fun And Safety Tips

Make sure you read this safety guide with a parent or guardian so you know the rules and understand what we do with the information you send us.

Connect and share safely

It’s great to connect with people and share your ideas and artwork online, but it is very important that you know how to stay safe. 

Never share your full name, address, or phone numbers online

You never know who might contact you. Also, please don’t put this information on any artwork that you send us.

Always keep your password secret

If you don’t, you could have people looking through your stuff or doing things you don’t agree with on your web page.

Invent your username 

Never use your real name or anything close to it. If your username is similar to your real name, it might give away too much information about you, and people might be able to find out details about you that you don’t want to share.

If in doubt, don’t send it to us

Everything you post stays online. You can delete things, but it’s possible to find old versions of websites where your artwork might still be seen. If you’re not sure whether you should send us something, it’s best not to send it at all.

Don’t share anything unless you don’t mind everyone seeing it

Lots of people use the internet—your family, your friends and their families, your teachers—and their friends and their families! If something is private, definitely don’t post it because everyone might see it.

If you feel unsafe or unsure about anything, tell an adult

If another user or an image is upsetting you, tell an adult who you can trust. Let them help you report your problem to and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

Adults, please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Rules for uploading images

No photos of people.

Q: Why?
A: Because we want to protect your privacy and safety online.

It can take a little while for your art to appear.

Q: Why?
A: A grownup has to review all art and sometimes we’re a bit slow.

Q: What if my art doesn’t appear?
A: Wait a few days, try to upload it again, and if you still don’t see it, email us.