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Self-Portrait at Eleven Years Old


Glenn Ligon, Self-Portrait at Eleven Years Old, 2004. Stenciled linen pulp painting on cotton based sheet, 35 × 30 in. (88.9 × 76.2 cm). Edition no. 1/20. Printed and published by Dieu Donné, Papermill, New York. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Purchase with funds from the Print Committee  2005.11
Courtesy of the Artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles
Glenn Ligon’s Self-Portrait at Eleven Years Old is actually an image of Stevie Wonder from the cover of the singer’s 1977 greatest-hits album. It is one of a series of works in which Ligon used pictures of musicians whom he admired as a child, such as Michael Jackson and James Brown, to represent himself when he was younger. This self-portrait is composed of paper pulp circles that are grouped together like giant Ben Day dots.

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