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Cory Arcangel

b. 1978

Cory Arcangel, Super Mario Clouds, 2002 (installation view, Synthetic, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2009). Modified Super Mario game cartridge; Nintendo System. Edition no. 2/5. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase with funds from the Painting and Sculpture Committee  2005.10
© Cory Arcangel. Courtesy of the artist and Team Gallery, New York
Cory Arcangel is interested in technology and the role that it plays in shaping the ways we express ourselves and interact with the world. Arcangel’s work also addresses our fascination with the latest innovations in technology tools and games. He has pointed out how quickly cellphones, computers, software, and hardware become outdated and old fashioned. To underscore this point, Arcangel uses old computers, printers, and video games to make art. This work, Super Mario Clouds (2002), is based on the first version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers 1985 video game which he played as a kid.
About the artist
Cory Arcangel

“Keep doing what you like to do. That’s all it is.”

—Cory Arcangel

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For Kids: Cory ArcangelPlay
Cory Arcangel talks about video games, computers, and his work, Super Mario Clouds (2002).

when i get a great idea. . .

“I email myself on my BlackBerry™ when I find something that I like or see something that I’m interested in or overhear a conversation. I just make a note of it, and then later on, I have a big giant list and I go through it . . . and see if anything is still interesting to me, months later.”

—Cory Arcangel

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Arcangel gets his inspiration from “kind of everywhere and everything. Just going about normal daily life and things just appear, kind of mysteriously. It’s like you go about your normal routine and then all of a sudden ideas tend to find you.”

Where he works
Arcangel feels most comfortable working from home at his desk.
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Insectiside (1/3).

Watch the artist playing in a band with his sister when he was thirteen years old.

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