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Jan 22–Apr 19, 2009


The following Whitney Focus videos feature artists discussing work featured in Synthetic:

Artist Lynda Benglis discusses the process of creating Contraband by pigmenting rubber latex and pouring it on the floor of her studio. First recognized for “spill” pieces such as this one, Benglis explains how her materials relate to nature, chemistry, and cooking.

Peter Halley discusses his painting The Acid Test. In this video, Halley references technology, the city grid, and prisons as influences on his iconography. He also discusses his use of Day-Glo paint to express the ecstatic, euphoric feeling that went into the work.

In this video, artist Kenny Scharf discusses When the Worlds Collide—a painting he made in the studio of his friend Keith Haring. He cites pop culture, science fiction, and fun as influences in creating the work.